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Facts about Antioxidant Nutrients

Nutritionist uses the term like free radical and antioxidant very frequently. Antioxidants nutrients are basically compounds that quite beneficial for your body, whereas the free radicals are destructive or harmful. In general, we can say that antioxidant neutralizes the movement of free radicals that get generated in your body and ultimately prevent any sort of damage to the lipids, carbohydrates and cell proteins.

Antioxidant can be lipid soluble or water soluble hence few exist within water or lipid portion of the cells. Cellular antioxidant nutrients guard mechanism such as pine bark extract can further be distinguished into primary system and secondary system. The primary guard includes familiar nutrients like vitamins C and vitamin E, thiols, carotenoids, flavonoids, polyphenols and ubiquinols and many more and several enzyme systems.

pine bark extract

Primary guard mechanisms are believed to directly interact with dangerous free radicals. The secondary system guard includes enzymes that help in breaking lipids and proteins as well as DNA repair mechanism. Secondary guards are firstly helpful in the repair of damaged lipids and proteins.

Need of Antioxidant Nutrients

Dangerous free radicals are produced in our body at the time of normal metabolism as well as during exposure to the environmental insults like infectious agents, UV light, pollution, and radiation and so on. When such dangerous free radicals do not get neutralized by the primary and secondary defense mechanism of body, a glut of dangerous radicals exists. Hence, if the production of dangerous free radicals has surplus the cell’s or body’s capacity to efficient neutralize such radicals, and then these dangerous radicals will cause damage to the vital lipids, proteins and DNA. Hence, we require antioxidants to make sure that our guard mechanism for neutralizing injurious radicals will not be surplus. Several epidemiological researches have stated relevance between higher blood concentrations or higher intakes of few antioxidants and lower incidence of few degenerative diseases. Many reports have also stated that supplemental level of some antioxidant vitamins helps in reducing risk of cardiovascular diseases and certain cancer.