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Nutrition Value of Boysenberry Extract

Boysenberry is a juicy, purple-blue colored and large size berry that is basically a cross in between Logan berry, Pacific berry and European raspberry. The taste of this berry is little tangy and people like to eat in every form such as raw berry fruit, jellies, jam, syrups, sauces and many more. Nowadays, the Boysenberry extract is also getting popular.

The Boysenberry extract can be used in yoghurt, smoothies and desserts to add little sweet tartness that will make your recipe much more irresistible and scrumptious. Boysenberries extract not only add a great flavor to your dish but in addition to this it also offers highly nutritious value.


Nutrition Value of Boysenberries –

– Calories: The average serving of the unsweetened extract of boysenberries contains around 142 calories. Ten out of total calories are from protein, six from fats and rest all from carbohydrates – mainly sugar.

– Vitamins: The boysenberries extract are very high in vitamins. The single serving of this fruit is sufficient for 28% of Vitamin K and 45% of total recommended amount of folate, The other vitamin present in the Boysenberry extract are Vitamin A, C, E and B6, niacin and thiamine too. Considerable doages of pantothenic and riboflavin are also present in this Superfood.

– Minerals: This fruit is great source of several mineral beneficial for health. Just one serving of this superfood can reload our body with iron, manganese, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and copper.

– Proteins: Boysenberries can be a great source of protein in the form of essential amino acids and can help you in meeting around 6% of your total protein requirement.

– Fats: This fruit contains just 1% of fats that is healthy for overall health.

– Carbohydrates: A single serving of boysenberries contain around 35 grams of carbohydrates, out of which 20 grams in the form of sugar and remaining as dietary fibers.

To get the maximum benefits from the Boysenberries extract one can also combine it with other superfood extracts such as grape seed extract.