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Helpful Facts about Weight-Loss Meal Replacement

Are the weight loss meal replacement are healthy and safe method to opt for? If you are also thinking the same then this blog is surely help you to some extent.

If you will visit the nearest health food aisle in your local chemist and supermarket, you will definitely notice a huge growth in the range of weight loss meal replacement touting their effective capabilities along with various best antioxidant supplements. As such meal replacement are great options of weight loss, they are usually not created equivalent – hence, it is very significant to find out which is the best suitable option for you to incorporate in your diet for weight loss.

Meal replacement are nothing but portion controlled balanced meals loaded with all essential nutrients that helps in reducing total kilo-joule intake that ultimately helps you to achieve your goal of weight loss. These meal replacements are available in various formulations that include shakes, bars, soups and shakes. These partial weight loss meal replacements are basically designed for replacing couple of meals in a day. Even though, these options are surely not a replacement of regular exercise and healthy eating, yet it can be very effective in overall weight loss.


However, these meal replacements also carry lots of risks and are not suitable for everyone. Hence, before opting for such meal replacement options you should once visit your health care provider to get ensure about the best suitable option for you.

Usually, these weight loss weight replacements goods are made from powder form of skim milk, which are loaded with fibre and protein to keep you full and satisfied. These products are also very low in fat and these products carry around 800 to 900 kilo-joule of energy in every serving.

The partial weight loss meal replacement is not complete in terms of its nutrition value. These products don’t offer all required nutrients for proper functioning of your body that puts you at the risk of mineral and vitamin deficiencies. Hence, it is very necessary to get supervision from your dietitian to get some additional supplements.


Antioxidant supplement: Natural Need of human body

Antioxidant supplement has rich minerals and vitamins that strengthen your immune system. Immense antioxidant products are available in the market that claims to protect from diseases like cancer. Few antioxidant drinks and pills profess to reduce aging effects. Different types of antioxidants are produced in human body. However, antioxidants can also be supplied to the body through some nutritious food and dietary supplements.

Antioxidants like vitamin C (ascorbic acid), vitamin E, melatonin, Resveratrol can be found naturally in fruits and vegetables, berries, whole grains, legumes, cocoa, coffee, tea, beans, red wine and many more. You will not take add these natural sources of antioxidants in your dietary plan; you should take it in the form of pills. Benefits of Antioxidant drinks and pills:

  1. Antioxidant fights with free radicals and protect your body cells from being damaged
  2. They flush out your body toxins regularly
  3. Improve your immunity
  4. Antioxidants also help in fat burning
  5. They reduce fatigue and increase your energy level
  6. Prevent from heart diseases
  7. Flight with cancerous blood cells
  8. It reduces the aging effect.

These benefits indicate that you should include as much of antioxidant food in your diet as you can. Additionally, it is an essential to take an additional antioxidant supplement because your body needs much more than you get from natural antioxidants. It is advisable to don’t overdose antioxidants and consult doctor for before taking it.