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Antioxidant Superfoods Helps In Fighting Inflammation

Staying healthy in today’s time is nothing but a huge battle that we are fighting everyday with crummy unhealthy foods, pollutions, sun time and many more to mention. Regular exposure to such things leads to inflammation and cellular damage, repetitive and chronic inflammation that leads to health issues related to heart, joints, colon and our skin. However, with little bit of changes in our food intake we can successfully fight these factors to some extend and antioxidant superfoods are one of them that are rich source of prostaglandins and antioxidants.

Antioxidant superfoods are organic substances that offer color to the vegetables and fruits and vitamins C and vitamin E are acts as a fighter against cell damage. Antioxidants help in fighting inflammation by neutralizing free radicals, which are unstable molecules that moves in the body scavenging particles from our healthy cells that creates unhealthy and unstable situation. Nowadays, best part of superfoods is available in superfood shake mix form easy to make and consume.


Superfoods are loaded with antioxidants that keep on moving throughout the body and stop damage causing free radicals.

Some of the most powerful antioxidant superfoods are –

– Blueberries

– Broccoli

– Acai Berries

– Green Tea

– Spinach

– Cranberries

– Pomegranate

Fats & Inflammation –

Our body produces chemicals referred as prostaglandins that lead to reduce inflammation reactions in our body. Few foods boost the amount of inflammatory prostaglandins and lessen anti-inflammatory prostaglandins that creates unhealthy and unstable environment.

Unsaturated fats are good for our body. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated are two vital forms. Omega 3 fatty acids are most common form of polyunsaturated that is beneficial for our body and helps in reducing inflammation. The conclusion of this is you should consume foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids that can help in preventing health disorders such as cancer, arthritis and heart diseases.


Useful & Recommended Superfood Shake Powder

Superfood get considered as healthiest option of foods that you can eat as they are rich source of nutrient and low in calories as compared to the other food options. With the increasing popularity of superfoods, the superfood shake powder is also getting very popular in terms of natural health movement.

Superfood posses their own space in our daily diet, yet some is over hyped and cost fortune. Here, we will check out some of the useful and recommended superfoods –

Cacao – Cacao that is nothing but raw chocolate is a great energy booster. If you add a spoon of this superfood shake powder in your morning smoothie, you will feel more focused as well as productive throughout the day. This superfood contains phenethylamine that is said to boost alertness and focus.

It is much healthier option of chocolate fix without sugar or other candy bars. However, its intake should be in moderation, as it is a stimulant that contains little caffeine in it.

Goji Berries – The goji berries is other plane based food product loaded with protein. It offers vital calorie boost to your green shakes without adding mot of bulk. You can use this superfood in your meal replacement diet where you can easily add 500 calories without adding extra 6 ounces. It is best recommended after workout when protein intake becomes very significant.

Goji berries are also available in form of superfood shake powder that is rich source of beta carotene. However, it is recommend always to buy certified organic goji berries power from renowned brand.

Maca – This is basically a root vegetable that is eaten and grown in Peru as a nutritional supplement and superfood. It helps in boosting sexual well being and libido. It is also helpful in boosting stamina and energy.

While selecting maca, it is advisable to select raw maca root powder as superfood shake powder that comes in attractive bags.

There are several other superfood shake powders as well as oil that is beneficial for overall health of an individual and greenlip mussel oil is one of them. However, before including any of them in your diet it is recommended to consult your health care expert to avoid any side effects or discomfort to your health.

Facts about Antioxidant Nutrients

Nutritionist uses the term like free radical and antioxidant very frequently. Antioxidants nutrients are basically compounds that quite beneficial for your body, whereas the free radicals are destructive or harmful. In general, we can say that antioxidant neutralizes the movement of free radicals that get generated in your body and ultimately prevent any sort of damage to the lipids, carbohydrates and cell proteins.

Antioxidant can be lipid soluble or water soluble hence few exist within water or lipid portion of the cells. Cellular antioxidant nutrients guard mechanism such as pine bark extract can further be distinguished into primary system and secondary system. The primary guard includes familiar nutrients like vitamins C and vitamin E, thiols, carotenoids, flavonoids, polyphenols and ubiquinols and many more and several enzyme systems.

pine bark extract

Primary guard mechanisms are believed to directly interact with dangerous free radicals. The secondary system guard includes enzymes that help in breaking lipids and proteins as well as DNA repair mechanism. Secondary guards are firstly helpful in the repair of damaged lipids and proteins.

Need of Antioxidant Nutrients

Dangerous free radicals are produced in our body at the time of normal metabolism as well as during exposure to the environmental insults like infectious agents, UV light, pollution, and radiation and so on. When such dangerous free radicals do not get neutralized by the primary and secondary defense mechanism of body, a glut of dangerous radicals exists. Hence, if the production of dangerous free radicals has surplus the cell’s or body’s capacity to efficient neutralize such radicals, and then these dangerous radicals will cause damage to the vital lipids, proteins and DNA. Hence, we require antioxidants to make sure that our guard mechanism for neutralizing injurious radicals will not be surplus. Several epidemiological researches have stated relevance between higher blood concentrations or higher intakes of few antioxidants and lower incidence of few degenerative diseases. Many reports have also stated that supplemental level of some antioxidant vitamins helps in reducing risk of cardiovascular diseases and certain cancer.

Helpful Facts about Weight-Loss Meal Replacement

Are the weight loss meal replacement are healthy and safe method to opt for? If you are also thinking the same then this blog is surely help you to some extent.

If you will visit the nearest health food aisle in your local chemist and supermarket, you will definitely notice a huge growth in the range of weight loss meal replacement touting their effective capabilities along with various best antioxidant supplements. As such meal replacement are great options of weight loss, they are usually not created equivalent – hence, it is very significant to find out which is the best suitable option for you to incorporate in your diet for weight loss.

Meal replacement are nothing but portion controlled balanced meals loaded with all essential nutrients that helps in reducing total kilo-joule intake that ultimately helps you to achieve your goal of weight loss. These meal replacements are available in various formulations that include shakes, bars, soups and shakes. These partial weight loss meal replacements are basically designed for replacing couple of meals in a day. Even though, these options are surely not a replacement of regular exercise and healthy eating, yet it can be very effective in overall weight loss.


However, these meal replacements also carry lots of risks and are not suitable for everyone. Hence, before opting for such meal replacement options you should once visit your health care provider to get ensure about the best suitable option for you.

Usually, these weight loss weight replacements goods are made from powder form of skim milk, which are loaded with fibre and protein to keep you full and satisfied. These products are also very low in fat and these products carry around 800 to 900 kilo-joule of energy in every serving.

The partial weight loss meal replacement is not complete in terms of its nutrition value. These products don’t offer all required nutrients for proper functioning of your body that puts you at the risk of mineral and vitamin deficiencies. Hence, it is very necessary to get supervision from your dietitian to get some additional supplements.

antioxidant supplements

Uses & Properties of Blackcurrant Extract

Blackcurrant is natural remedy for several health disorders. The blackcurrant extract is basically derived from the fruit of blackcurrant or the oils of its seeds. It is very much getting used in various dietary supplements available in the market.

The berries of this fruit contains very high amount of anthocyanins, which is a form of antioxidant and blackcurrant seed oil is loaded with gamma linolenic acid that is a form of essential fatty acid or omega-3 fatty acid that reduces inflammation.


Uses –

Blackcurrant extract are getting used as a natural remedies for several health disorders such as –

– Arthritis

– Alzheimer’s diseases

– Cold & cough

– Menopausal symptoms

– Premenstrual syndrome

– High cholesterol

In addition to all this, blackcurrant extract also helps in boosting your immune system and helps in detoxification of your body.

Properties –

Blackcurrant extract exerts few therapeutic properties that make it effective for your health –

– Antioxidant – It helps in protecting cells from the free radicals that induced damage.

– Cardio Protective – It offers a great protective effect to your blood vessels and heart

– Anti-inflammatory – The extract of blackcurrant seed oil is among the most powerful anti-inflammatory oils that can be included in small amounts.

– Anti-dermatitis – It helps in the treatment of dermatitis in the human beings as well as canines.

– Immune-stimulant – The extract, berries as well as the seed oil of blackcurrant are very useful in improving the proper functioning of your immune system.

– Anti-allergic – The extract of blackcurrant fruit helps in reducing susceptibility of an individual to any sort of allergies.

– Anti-rheumatic – The blackcurrant extract of seed oils is one of the best anti-rheumatic extracts. It helps in reducing inflammation and pain of the rheumatoid arthritis.

– Anti-neuropathic – The gamma linolenic acid of the extract of blackcurrant seed oil has very beneficial effect on the diabetic neuropathy.

5 Antioxidant Superfoods for Good Health

Every one want a longer and healthier life but what exactly we do to achieve this goal? If you also want healthier life then start including antioxidant superfoods in your diet on daily basis.

When we talk about boosting our health, natural source of food are always better option as compared to the health supplements. Load up your diet with lots of green vegetable and fruits to keep your natural body working at its best. Here are five best foods that are good source of antioxidants are –

Acai Berries – They also get referred as the king of natural antioxidants. Other berry fruits are also rich in antioxidants that include strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. The darker berry in color means more antioxidants it contains. These antioxidant superfoods also contain Vitamins A, B, C as well as E good for improving immune system.


Grapes – This is one other fruits very rich in antioxidants. You can consume them fresh or can also include grape juice in your diet to get the maximum benefit. Similar to berries, the darker the color of grapes contains more antioxidants in it.

Broccoli – When we are talking about antioxidant superfoods, we cannot miss the antioxidant properties of broccoli. It is also very rich in calcium and vitamin C as compared to milk or oranges. This antioxidant superfood lowers the risk of health disorder like cancer.

Garlic – This is one excellent spice that adds flavor to your food and very rich in iodine, calcium, selenium, Vitamin A, B & C as well as zinc all essential for health. Since ages, garlic has been showing its extraordinary properties in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol and also works as antibiotic.

Tomatoes – It is good for your health as it contain very high amount of vitamin C. However, the most powerful contain of tomatoes are lucopene, which acts against various diseases in much better way as compared to vitamin E or carotene.

Adding these in antioxidant superfoods in your daily diet can help you in achieving a much improved health. To get the maximum benefits you should consume them in a raw or natural form. However, there are many antioxidant supplements are also available in the market like Omega-3 capsules that has several health benefits for the one who are fussy about eating.

How to Use Kiwi-fruit Seed Oil

The kiwi fruits that also get referred as the Chinese gooseberry in the native part of China, gradually spread to country like New Zealand and several other arena of Europe. This fruit is sweet in taste and soft in texture with rows of several tiny black color seeds placed in its center. These seeds of kiwifruits are very much edible and safe for consumption. However, it also gets used for extracting kiwi-fruit seed oil that also acts as a best antioxidant supplement.

Here we have discussed some of the best ways to incorporate Kiwifruit Seeds oil in your daily skin care routine for several benefits –


– You can simply use this oil in your daily skin care goods mainly in the products that you use on your neck and face.

– You can also use undiluted form of this oil on your neck and face twice or thrice in a week after completing the cleansing process. It can also be used to apply on your face and other body parts after beach tanning session as a treatment of sunburn or simply to offer protection to your skin.

– You can also use this oil for oral intake by adding it to your salads or any other healthy dishes. It will not only brighten your healthy dish but it will also support health of your body. It is not only a good source of vitamins, but in addition to this is also rich source of dietary fiber that helps in reducing cholesterol level in your body and removes toxins from the body.

– You can also invest in a skin care product with kiwifruit seed oil as a based ingredient to get the maximum benefit.

Precautions –

Kiwifruits also contains oxalates that can leads to problems to your body if it becomes too concentrated in the body fluids. If you are suffering from gall bladder or kidney related problem, it is suggested to avoid this fruit or kiwifruit seed oil mainly in your diet. However, you can include it in your skin care regime.

Nutrition Value of Boysenberry Extract

Boysenberry is a juicy, purple-blue colored and large size berry that is basically a cross in between Logan berry, Pacific berry and European raspberry. The taste of this berry is little tangy and people like to eat in every form such as raw berry fruit, jellies, jam, syrups, sauces and many more. Nowadays, the Boysenberry extract is also getting popular.

The Boysenberry extract can be used in yoghurt, smoothies and desserts to add little sweet tartness that will make your recipe much more irresistible and scrumptious. Boysenberries extract not only add a great flavor to your dish but in addition to this it also offers highly nutritious value.


Nutrition Value of Boysenberries –

– Calories: The average serving of the unsweetened extract of boysenberries contains around 142 calories. Ten out of total calories are from protein, six from fats and rest all from carbohydrates – mainly sugar.

– Vitamins: The boysenberries extract are very high in vitamins. The single serving of this fruit is sufficient for 28% of Vitamin K and 45% of total recommended amount of folate, The other vitamin present in the Boysenberry extract are Vitamin A, C, E and B6, niacin and thiamine too. Considerable doages of pantothenic and riboflavin are also present in this Superfood.

– Minerals: This fruit is great source of several mineral beneficial for health. Just one serving of this superfood can reload our body with iron, manganese, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and copper.

– Proteins: Boysenberries can be a great source of protein in the form of essential amino acids and can help you in meeting around 6% of your total protein requirement.

– Fats: This fruit contains just 1% of fats that is healthy for overall health.

– Carbohydrates: A single serving of boysenberries contain around 35 grams of carbohydrates, out of which 20 grams in the form of sugar and remaining as dietary fibers.

To get the maximum benefits from the Boysenberries extract one can also combine it with other superfood extracts such as grape seed extract.

Benefits of Kiwifruit Seed Oil

Kiwifruit seed oil is most exotic oil trending in the market nowadays. As the name itself says, this oil is extracted from the seeds of the oil by applying cold pressure on each kiwifruit seed for maintaining the maximum benefit of the oil. The refining process to extract this oil can neutralize its aroma and color.

The each seed, extracted from the Kiwifruit measure around 5-8 cm in its size and carries very distinctive dense green to light brown color hairy skin. The color of the Kiwifruit pulp ranges from golden yellow to light green in color, entirely depends on the variety of the fruit. This fruit is a very rich source of Vitamin C.

Kiwifruit seed oil

The kiwifruit seed oil is one very interesting product of this fruit that contains a very high level of omega-3 fatty acid and omega-6 fatty acid. As compared to the other hardened oils such as coconut and palm, this is quite good fatty acids that you can also find in linseed oil, hemp oil and walnut oil.

The omega-3 fatty acid found in this oil has a great benefit of acting as an excellent option for moisturizer for chapped and dry skin. It helps in supporting the balance of moisture in your skin that makes it a popular option in the natural or organic cosmetic field for a variety of hair care products and lotions.

The antioxidant properties of the Kiwifruit seed oil also offer great protection from the harmful UV rays that also make it a high quality and good sunscreen. This beneficial oil in combination with the avocado oil or almond oil also acts an excellent anti-aging product that also supports in regenerations of the skin cells and ultimately results in excellent result on the skin. To get the benefits of this oil, you can try using this oil on a regular basis.

Benefits Of Superfood Shake

If you want to burn the extra fat from your belly or some other parts of your body, then the very first thing that you should do is start eating a correct ratio of healthy fats, unprocessed carbs and lean protein. The next question that will come to mind is what is the best alternative of all these above mentioned combinations, then the green superfood shakes are the one such alternative that you should include in your daily meal.

Let’s check out the correct ratio for carbs, proteins and fats for a faster metabolism:

– Carbs in the of your fist that includes veggies, superfood and whole grain bread.

– Lean protein also of the size of your fist. Wild fish, natural whey protein and lentils are some of good options of lean protein.

– Healthy fats of your thumb size and omega 3 nuts, seeds and flax are some of the best alternatives of healthy fat.

The cell in our body requires carbs for proper functioning and proteins and healthy fats are needed for processing the unsaturated carbs in proper ways.

Here, we will discuss about one best Superfood shake for your breakfast with proper carbs, lean protein and healthy fat ratio. Basically one should include a Superfood shake everyday in their breakfast for the correct balance of lean and healthy body. The Superfood shakes can also be a best suitable alternative of your lunch, in between meal snacks and post workout energize.

For one quick Superfood shake you can use good fat such as omega 3 mixed seeds and nuts with fresh fruits, ice, any liquid like non-fat milk, soy milk or almond milk with protein powder, blend all the ingredients in a blender and your quick, easy and healthy shake is ready to serve.