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Know About Omega-3 Gold

Omega-3 Gold is a dietary supplement that is very beneficial for health as it provides fish oil concentration, which can offer the high concentration of omega-3 fatty acid.

The product is available from various brands under pharmaceutical grade supplement of fish oil that is made with the IFOS 5-star certified fish oil.

The omega-3 gold supplement support good cholesterol levels to avoid the potential cardiovascular disorders, it also helps in supporting mental health as well as it improve eyesight and cognition. On the other side Omega-3 Gold supplement can ease pain that cause due to joints problem. Intake of omega-3 brand also helps in balancing the correct ratio of omega-3 fatty acid and omega-6 fatty acid.

The main ingredient of this health supplement is the omega-3 oil. This oil is extracted from the Cod and Alaskan Pollack, not usual mackerels and sardines that one usually would expect. The main idea behind this is to evade toxins as well as heavy metals that is found in the fishes near to the coastal area.

The omega-3 gold supplement offers a great strength of the omega-3 acid in term of potency and purity. All omega-3 brands follow the formula certified by the IFOS to meet the standard of international level. Each sofgel of this health supplement contains around 1000 mg of DHA and EPA in combination.

Pros of Omega-3 Gold –

– It helps in meeting the standard need of omega-3 fat acids.

– It is available under various brand at various price

– It is made from the IFOS certified fish oil

Cons of Omega-3 Gold –

– There is no such conclusive proof that it will help you in keeping healthy in all condition.

However, there is no such product or health supplement available that can support your health in all condition. One need to check the requirement of their body or can consult their doctor to find the correct amount of omega-3 gold supplement for maximum benefit.


Greenlip Mussel Oil: excellent supplement for elderly to stay fit and healthy

Chronic joint pain, tenderness and joint inflammation are a few health issues that  most of the adults experience when they are getting old. The answer may not always to visit a doctor clinic. Educated and smart consumers turn towards natural health supplements  such as green Lipped Mussel supplements to get permanent  relief from such health issues. There are  two crucial reasons  for the rising demand of such health supplements.

The first reason is the desire  to prevent the  deterioration of their health. Another main reason is to get relief from  minor health issues that are common to middle aged individuals and the elderly like chronic joint pains, joint  tenderness, swelling and joint inflammation.

There is also an additional important reason for the growing demand of Greenlip Mussel Oil. The prolonged use of NAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) is less healthy. These drugs can cause bleeding, damage the kidney,  make stomach upset and can damage the liver as well.

The green mussel is a good source of omega 3 fatty acid and hence proven to be very effective in treating common health issues like joint inflammation, tenderness, swelling and liver problem. Omega 3 fatty acids raise the amount of serotonin in the brain, which heightens the mood and thus proven to be very effective in treating depression.

In short, Greenlip Mussel Oil supplement is very important to the elderly who are facing mobility problems and  high-incidence diseases.

Omega XL

Omega-3 Black the secret for your healthy body and skin

The Omega-3 consists of rich green lip mussel oil from New Zealand.  This product is highly beneficial for the body as it contains a unique ratio of all 18 omega-3 essential-fatty-acids. This ratio is hardly found anywhere and is a natural pain relieving solution.  The Omega-3s is known to be 250 times more effective than fish oil.  Some of the common features of Omega XL include

  • Greenlip Mussel Oil contains all known types of Omega-3s
  • Astaxanthin fights multiple free radicals simultaneously (up to 14 times more than any other


  • Kiwifruit Seed Oil contains all 8 types of Vitamin E

This is a 100% pure and natural product. It does not contain shellfish protein, milk, yeast, corn, nuts, wheat, soy, artificial flavors, and preservatives. Also, this product is free of GMO and Gluten. The dosage that is most recommended for this product is  at least 2 capsules per day.
Main ingredients in this product include Greenlip Mussel Oil, Kiwifruit Seed Oil, Flax Seed Oil, Astaxanthin Oil, and Plant-Sourced Antioxidant Blend (Grape Seed Extract, Kiwifruit Seed Extract, Blackcurrant Seed Extract, Boysenberry Seed Extract).

Overall, Omega-3 Black, benefits the brain, protects the heart, improves lung health, healthy digestion, fertility, reduces inflammation, strong bones and supports joint mobility.