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Useful & Recommended Superfood Shake Powder

Superfood get considered as healthiest option of foods that you can eat as they are rich source of nutrient and low in calories as compared to the other food options. With the increasing popularity of superfoods, the superfood shake powder is also getting very popular in terms of natural health movement.

Superfood posses their own space in our daily diet, yet some is over hyped and cost fortune. Here, we will check out some of the useful and recommended superfoods –

Cacao – Cacao that is nothing but raw chocolate is a great energy booster. If you add a spoon of this superfood shake powder in your morning smoothie, you will feel more focused as well as productive throughout the day. This superfood contains phenethylamine that is said to boost alertness and focus.

It is much healthier option of chocolate fix without sugar or other candy bars. However, its intake should be in moderation, as it is a stimulant that contains little caffeine in it.

Goji Berries – The goji berries is other plane based food product loaded with protein. It offers vital calorie boost to your green shakes without adding mot of bulk. You can use this superfood in your meal replacement diet where you can easily add 500 calories without adding extra 6 ounces. It is best recommended after workout when protein intake becomes very significant.

Goji berries are also available in form of superfood shake powder that is rich source of beta carotene. However, it is recommend always to buy certified organic goji berries power from renowned brand.

Maca – This is basically a root vegetable that is eaten and grown in Peru as a nutritional supplement and superfood. It helps in boosting sexual well being and libido. It is also helpful in boosting stamina and energy.

While selecting maca, it is advisable to select raw maca root powder as superfood shake powder that comes in attractive bags.

There are several other superfood shake powders as well as oil that is beneficial for overall health of an individual and greenlip mussel oil is one of them. However, before including any of them in your diet it is recommended to consult your health care expert to avoid any side effects or discomfort to your health.


The key to keeping you healthy

In today’s world of junk food and stressful and tedious work habits, people are searching for 100% natural and organic food products. You would find that Each and every food product is adulterated with some or the other products. For e.g., Black pepper is adulterated with papaya seeds, Sugar is adulterated with glass pieces, and so on.

If you are looking for some of the best and world class organic products that are pure, good for health and nutritious, some of the best companies that offer 100% non processed and non organic food products that are healthy, essentially required for health and affordable as well. These companies focus on customer health and consist of some of the best products that are designed for people of all ages that help them to live longer as well as a happier and healthier life. There are various organic companies in New Zealand that focus on some of the most essential points where they deal with quality of food.

  • They try and follow the highest food standards
  • The food has been made under strict rules and regulations in clean and purified air, a clean environment where there is less population.
  • They usually deal with plant products that contain the highest amount of nutrition as well as anti oxidants all over the world.

New Zealand is one of the cleanest countries of the world that produce world class Greenlip Mussel Oil that is known to be one of the richest sources of Omega 3 fatty acid. Greenlip mussel oil contains some of the best and highest quality best anti oxidant supplements that offers a powerful pain relieving solution as well and it is also good for the heart. This oil is said to be 247 times useful than salmon oil, 158 times effectual than fish oil and 395 times effective then flax seed oil. Mussel oil also helps in controlling inflammation of the body cells. They help to produce a mucous which helps in protecting the internal linings of the body and the stomach. It is definitely one of the best oils that can be used for regular intake and would keep you healthy.

The best anti oxidant supplements helps in reducing the process of ageing, helps in slower degeneration of cells, helps in immunity and last but not the least also helps in keeping us young, radiant and supple. Apart from that there are variety of anti oxidant tablets, shakes and multi vitamin tablets that also help in keeping you healthy, fit and fine.