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Uses & Properties of Blackcurrant Extract

Blackcurrant is natural remedy for several health disorders. The blackcurrant extract is basically derived from the fruit of blackcurrant or the oils of its seeds. It is very much getting used in various dietary supplements available in the market.

The berries of this fruit contains very high amount of anthocyanins, which is a form of antioxidant and blackcurrant seed oil is loaded with gamma linolenic acid that is a form of essential fatty acid or omega-3 fatty acid that reduces inflammation.


Uses –

Blackcurrant extract are getting used as a natural remedies for several health disorders such as –

– Arthritis

– Alzheimer’s diseases

– Cold & cough

– Menopausal symptoms

– Premenstrual syndrome

– High cholesterol

In addition to all this, blackcurrant extract also helps in boosting your immune system and helps in detoxification of your body.

Properties –

Blackcurrant extract exerts few therapeutic properties that make it effective for your health –

– Antioxidant – It helps in protecting cells from the free radicals that induced damage.

– Cardio Protective – It offers a great protective effect to your blood vessels and heart

– Anti-inflammatory – The extract of blackcurrant seed oil is among the most powerful anti-inflammatory oils that can be included in small amounts.

– Anti-dermatitis – It helps in the treatment of dermatitis in the human beings as well as canines.

– Immune-stimulant – The extract, berries as well as the seed oil of blackcurrant are very useful in improving the proper functioning of your immune system.

– Anti-allergic – The extract of blackcurrant fruit helps in reducing susceptibility of an individual to any sort of allergies.

– Anti-rheumatic – The blackcurrant extract of seed oils is one of the best anti-rheumatic extracts. It helps in reducing inflammation and pain of the rheumatoid arthritis.

– Anti-neuropathic – The gamma linolenic acid of the extract of blackcurrant seed oil has very beneficial effect on the diabetic neuropathy.


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