Benefits Of Superfood Shake

If you want to burn the extra fat from your belly or some other parts of your body, then the very first thing that you should do is start eating a correct ratio of healthy fats, unprocessed carbs and lean protein. The next question that will come to mind is what is the best alternative of all these above mentioned combinations, then the green superfood shakes are the one such alternative that you should include in your daily meal.

Let’s check out the correct ratio for carbs, proteins and fats for a faster metabolism:

– Carbs in the of your fist that includes veggies, superfood and whole grain bread.

– Lean protein also of the size of your fist. Wild fish, natural whey protein and lentils are some of good options of lean protein.

– Healthy fats of your thumb size and omega 3 nuts, seeds and flax are some of the best alternatives of healthy fat.

The cell in our body requires carbs for proper functioning and proteins and healthy fats are needed for processing the unsaturated carbs in proper ways.

Here, we will discuss about one best Superfood shake for your breakfast with proper carbs, lean protein and healthy fat ratio. Basically one should include a Superfood shake everyday in their breakfast for the correct balance of lean and healthy body. The Superfood shakes can also be a best suitable alternative of your lunch, in between meal snacks and post workout energize.

For one quick Superfood shake you can use good fat such as omega 3 mixed seeds and nuts with fresh fruits, ice, any liquid like non-fat milk, soy milk or almond milk with protein powder, blend all the ingredients in a blender and your quick, easy and healthy shake is ready to serve.


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