What Makes Green lip Mussel Oil And Ideal Ingredient For Superfood Shake Powder

Green lip mussels are found in New Zealand and are also known as Perna Canaliculus. They can be identified by the bright green ring around their edges. But what makes them of great value is their nutritional content. This is why greenlip mussel oil is used as an ingredient in Superfood shake powder.

Mussels contain plenty of essential nutrients that benefit the body.

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Amino acids

Amino acids are vital for protein formation and for the proper function of all human organs.

Omega 3 fatty acids

These help reduce inflammation in the body and help fight against heart disease, diabetes, lupus and other conditions.


These are a form of complex carbohydrates that enhance body metabolism and growth.


Antioxidants play an important role in removing free radicals from the body and stop premature aging.

Chrondrotin and Glucosamine

They provide fluids to the joints in the body and help in the repair of cartilages and connective issues that have suffered damage.


Calcium is important for the strength of bones and teeth.


Iron is required in the body to keep it strong mentally and physically.

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